Yes! You can complete the online courses using your mobile phone or tablet. Follow the instructions below to install and set up the app. Once it's set up, you can even complete courses offline. (Note that webinars need to work on a desktop computer, rather than a mobile device).

1. On your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), go to the App store (for apple devices) or the Google Play Store (for android devices).
2. Find the free app called "Talentlms" by typing that in as a search term.
3. Download the app to your device.
4. Open the app, and you will see a field called "domain" on the first page. Type in the URL for your training site. (Some organisations have their own dedicated URL - check your log in details) 
5. Press "next".
5. Now log in with your user name and password.

Once you have the app set up, you are able to download courses, and work on them offline. 

Note, however, that the other features of the training site (discussions, webinars) are only available via the website. This means you still need access to a computer to complete some of the required activities.